Dear Diary

About the Piece

I've wanted to write a piece based on Twain's Diaries of Adam and Eve ever since I read it. I always thought that the story had great potential to write a little opera buffa, and when I came across it by chance while tidying up a bookshelf, the idea came back to me and this time I finally decided to make it a reality. However, instead of writing a little operetta or an opera in one act, though, I opted for an even smaller size and have therefore called the piece a mini-opera, a term I'm not sure exists but which I like.

I have used only a few sentences from Twain's lovely book and arranged them in such a way as to produce a workable libretto. For the most part, I've kept everything intact, except for a few words that I've taken the liberty of contract (for example, it's instead of it is; that's instead of that is). Also, in Eva's last entry, I changed "all women" to "everyone", as I wanted her words to refer to all human beings and not just women.

Since Twain's work is not a play but a story, and as such contains no guidance on how to imagine the character's gestures and movements, I have chosen not to include stage directions or suggest how the opera should be performed. In this way I retain the freedom that Twain gave to his readers' imaginations and leave room for the creativity of the performers and producers to find their own ways of presenting the work. The opera can also be performed without any stage design, limiting the singers to interpret their parts with a minimum of dramatization, without costumes or scenery of any kind.

Musical Forces

Soprano (Eva)
Tenor (Adam)