This page features a list of albums showcasing my music. Click on the album cover to listen, and access program notes, lyrics, and more through the provided link. For 'The Picture of Dorian Gray,' you can download the audio files. Please note that all my music is protected by copyright, and while you can download the album for free, it cannot be used to create derivative works like YouTube videos.

The Portrait of Dorian Gray

This album, recorded in 2005, features the music composed for a theatrical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray," titled "The Worship of the Senses" in my catalog. It's available on digital platforms under a Creative Commons license. Click the image above to listen, and if you like, you can download the album for free. This document contains the program notes and the description of the action that each piece accompanies.

Letters from Canada

I titled the music I composed for Alejandro Casona's play "Trees Die Standing Still" as "Letters from Canada." Although it was originally performed live with the play, the recording attempt didn't succeed. Years later, I took the initiative to recreate the music using high-quality virtual instruments. You can listen to it by clicking on the image above. This document contains the program notes and the description of the action that each piece accompanies.


In 2003, I composed "Icarus" as part of my composition workshop at the National University of Music. The piece was intended to be the first movement of a triptych inspired by Greek mythology. In 2016, it was recorded by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Miguel Harth-Bedoya, and featured on the prestigious Harmonia Mundi label's album, "New South American Discoveries." This document contains the program notes.


"Alchimia" is a composition exploring the five ancient elements, divided into five hymns. These texts are a blend of words and phrases drawn from 15 different languages. The piece premiered on April 1, 2019, at the 9th Josep Soler Festival, hosted at the Library of Catalonia. It was performed by the Josep Soler Festival Ensemble, conducted by Paloma Báscones.This document contains the program notes and the translations of the texts of each movement.

Kindred Hearts

In 2011, I composed four songs based on poems by Bryan Borland with the intention of creating "art songs." However, the music took on a different style, leaning towards popular music. This presented a challenge, as art song recitals typically require operatic voices, and the piano accompaniment I wrote was too "classical" for a pop pianist. To resolve this, I decided to produce the songs as an album. This document contains the program notes and the lyrics of each song.


"Inspirations" showcases the pieces "Eulogy," "Hologramas," and my mini-opera "Dear Diary." Recorded in Barcelona, the music is performed by the talented trio Veu i Vent, comprising Ximena Agurto, Eduardo Javier, and Elías Romero. Additionally, tenor Roger Padullés takes the role of Adam in "Dear Diary." This project received sponsorship from the Ministry of Culture of Peru. This document contains the program notes and the texts of each work.