The score of my piece Icarus has been available on Filarmonika since it was recorded by the Norwegian Radio Orchestra, under the direction of Miguel Harth-Bedoya for the prestigious record label Harmonia Mundi.

Filarmonika Music Publishing has been publishing music by composers of Latin America and the Caribbean for more than a decade. They provide high-quality production, engraving, and distribution, with works for sale or rental to orchestras, libraries, competitions, and the general public.

Icarus (2003)

Single-movement work for orchestra (22*2*2-2220-timp-perc (4)-hp-pno-str)

Icarus is a work I composed in 2003, when I was still a student at the National Conservatory of Music. It is, of course, inspired by the Greek myth, but it is not an attempt to represent a particular sequence of events. In other words, it doesn’t have a detailed program, like a symphonic poem. Instead, it simply takes two main concepts from the story and fleshes them out musically: the childlike nature of the character and the wings his father makes for him. The first concept is represented by a series of animated motifs that resemble typical nursery rhymes; the second is represented in the structure of the work, divided into three moments: a) disorderly presentation of the materials (harmonic, melodic and rhythmic components of the work), like the pieces of a machine that have to be assembled, b) presentation of materials in order (the machine is already built and works perfectly), and c) deconstruction of materials (the pieces begin to fall one by one and the machine finally breaks).

Duration: c.a. 6 min 18 sec