Free Scores

I offer the following scores free of charge, considering them as "juvenilia," as they do not represent my current artistic work. You are welcome to download and redistribute the scores in any medium or format. Please be aware that the music is fully copyrighted, and public performances may require royalty payments to your local Performing Rights Organization (PRO). Note that some exceptions, such as charitable or educational activities, may allow for royalty-free performances.

For "Thou Shalt Not Dance," only the full score is available. If you need the individual parts, please contact me via my contact form, and I will gladly provide them to you at no cost.

Paleodrama (2001)

Single-movement work for solo piano

I composed this piece in December 2000 and January 2001 as part of my application to the National University of Music of Peru (formerly the National Conservatory of Music). The score presented here is the second and final version, refined in 2005.

The title suggests the depiction of prehistoric creatures' actions, much like how paleontologists reconstruct past events based on evidence like footprints and bone markings. The composition consists of three distinct moments: a thunderous opening, followed by a tense calm, and a return to the initial agitation, concluding abruptly.

Duration: c.a. 3 min 30 sec

Thou Shalt Not Dance (1999)

Eleven-movement piece for flute, clarinet (B flat and A), violin, cello and piano

In 1999, at the early stages of my career with limited composition knowledge, I was invited to create music for a presentation of Arthur Miller's "The Crucible." The result was a collection of pieces crafted in a neo-romantic style, the only style accessible to me at the time. Despite their simplicity, these compositions captivated me for years.

The score presented here is not the original from 1999 but a re-adaptation for quintet. While it may not reflect my current artistic state, I believe it's a well-crafted piece. It complements the play, particularly in the context of a high school drama class.

Duration: c.a. 37 min