Free Scores

I offer The following scores free of charge. I see them as what is commonly known as "juvenilia" and since none of them represent the current state of my art, it doesn't seem appropriate to sell them.

You are free to download the scores and redistribute them in any medium or format, but please note that the music is fully copyrighted. Therefore, public performances are subject to payment of royalties to your local PRO (Performing Rights Organization). I cannot exempt you or any third party from this payment as it is not under my control. Some laws allow royalty-free performances under certain conditions, such as charitable or educational activities.

For "Thou Shalt Not Dance", only the full score is available. If you want to have the parts, please contact me through my contact form and I will prepare them for you free of charge.

Paleodrama (2001)

Single-movement work for solo piano

I wrote this piece for admission to the National University of Music of Peru (formerly the National Conservatory of Music), between December 2000 and January 2001. This score corresponds to the second and last version of the piece and is the result of a revision carried out in 2005.

The title suggests the dramatization of an event starring prehistoric creatures, which paleontologists usually carry out based on evidence such as footprints, the position of the skeletons, marks on the bones, etc. However, the work doesn't have a detailed program and is composed of only three moments: a thunderous beginning, followed by a tense calm and a return to the initial agitation with an abrupt end.

Duration: c.a. 3 min 30 sec

Thou Shalt Not Dance (1999)

Eleven-movement piece for flute, clarinet (B flat and A), violin, cello and piano

Back in 1999, when I was just starting my career and had little knowledge of composition, I was invited to write the music for a montage of Arthur Miller's “The Crucible”. The result was a collection of pieces in a neo-romantic style—the only one that was accessible to me at the time—which despite their simplicity, fascinated me for years.

This score is not the original from 1999 but a re-adaptation for quintet. Although it doesn't represent the current state of my art, I think it is a well-made piece. It works well with the play, perhaps more so in the context of a high school drama class.

Duration: c.a. 37 min

Note: Parts are also offered free of charge. If you want to request them, please contact me through my contact form.