For over 25 years, Antonio Gervasoni has been composing music, captivated by its ability to evoke profound emotions and inspire a wide range of ideas – from the gentle ocean breeze to fantastical imaginary beings, from uncharted realms to the vast expanse of interplanetary space.


Born in 1973, Antonio Gervasoni embarked on his musical odyssey at the age of 3, initially exploring various instruments and eventually delving into piano at the age of 9. By 18, guided by the renowned Peruvian pianist Elke Brunke, he had honed his piano skills, yet his true passion lay in composition rather than performance.

His initial forays into composition in 1992, during his pursuit of a computer science career, marked the beginning of his artistic journey. Further inspiration came during 1997-1998 when he attended masterclasses with Vladislav Uspensky, a former student of Dmitri Shostakovich, who encouraged him to delve deeper into music composition.

In 2001, Antonio enrolled at the National University of Music (formerly the National Conservatory of Music), where he studied composition under José Sosaya and piano under Teresa Quesada. Most recently, in April 2021, he earned a master's degree in composition from the University of Birmingham.

Antonio is a founding member of the Peruvian Composition Circle (Circomper) and served as the inaugural Director of the School of Music at the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas — UPC (2009-2012). He currently holds a teaching position at UPC, instructing students in composition, orchestration, and film scoring. Additionally, he has taught at the National University of Music and the School of Communication at the Universidad de Lima.


Antonio Gervasoni's extensive catalog of concert music spans a wide spectrum, from solo compositions to a 4-act chamber opera titled 'R.' Some of his works are published by the American publisher Cayambis Music Press and can be found in various libraries, including the United States Library of Congress.

In addition to his concert music, Antonio has also ventured into the realm of film music. He has composed the soundtracks for eight Peruvian feature films, including "La Prueba" (2005), "Dragones: Destino de Fuego" (2006), "La Gran Sangre: La Película" (2006), "Vidas Paralelas" (2008), "The Dolphin. Story of a Dreamer" (2009), "Tarata" (2009), "La Amante del Libertador" (2014), and "La Hora Azul" (2014). Furthermore, he contributed to the soundtrack of the Portuguese short film "Holy Popcorn" (2013), directed by Ramón De Los Santos.

Antonio's compositions have been performed in numerous countries, including Argentina, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Spain, and the United States.


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Photo of Antonio Gervasoni, standing, reclining on a grand piano, taken from the front
Artistic photo of Antonio Gervasoni sitting on a staircase, to the right and in the background, a grand piano
Photo of Antonio Gervasoni, standing, reclining on a grand piano, taken from above

Photos by Alejandra Velez