I provide orchestration, music notation and arrangement services on Fiverr and AirGigs. These include the composition of concert music or a film soundtrack, the orchestration of a piece originally for piano or other instruments, the transcription of scores to music notation software and arrangements of songs with symphonic instruments for live concerts or recordings.


I will create an original composition that can be performed by a soloist, small or large ensemble, orchestra, concert band, choir, or any combination of the above. I can also write for other formations, if you have something less common in mind.

Film Scoring

I'll create original music for your short film, from 3 to 20 minutes in duration, and provide you with either the score and parts, a professional mockup, or both.

Symphonic Arranging

I'll use symphonic instruments to create an arrangement of your song that can be used on its own or mixed with other instruments at a concert or recording. I'll provide you with PDF files of the full score and parts, as well as a simple mockup using NotePerformer.


I will take your music and orchestrate it for a string orchestra, chamber orchestra, or full orchestra and provide you with PDF files of the full score and parts. I'll also send you an export of the result as an MP3 file using NotePerformer.

Music Notation

I'll notate your composition in either Dorico, Sibelius or MuseScore If you use a different program, I can deliver an XML file. I work from a previous document (manuscript, program file or at least MIDI).