I give private lessons online on composition, orchestration, film scoring and music notation software (Sibelius, MuseScore, Dorico and Lilypond) in both English and Spanish to students all over the world.

Whether you're looking for serious music instruction, some advice on a project you're working on, or help in using a music notation program, I can certainly help.

Lessons are held on Lessonface or Fiverr, and all monetary transactions are managed by the websites. There are a range of prices depending on your needs, and discounts apply if you book multiple lessons in advance. Lessonface and Fiverr are serious and safe websites, and both have cancellation and refund policies.

Before booking a lesson, please contact me first via my Contact Form or the messaging system on the platform of your choice.

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As a composition teacher, I provide my students with the tools they need to take control of their self-acquired ability to compose. These tools can come in the form of very specific techniques that they can apply to their compositions, but most of the time, they are developed as simple but effective ideas that emerge from the analysis of their works or the works of other composers.


The study of orchestration doesn't require any self-taught skills, but it does demand a certain degree of prior contact with orchestral music. In addition, it can be learned through very concrete concepts and well-defined techniques. Orchestration lessons are a mix of theory (instrumentation, orchestration models), history, analysis, and assignments.

Important Note About the Composition and Orchestration Lessons

I don't teach songwriting or arrangement. My musical style and experience are within what is known as "contemporary classical music." I'm not specialized in teaching to write pop or jazz music or to write arrangements for bands. I like and value those genres, but they just aren't within my area of expertise. 

Film Scoring

Lessons begin by covering some basic topics, such as narrative musical functions and uses of musical language in film music. Students are given assignments in the form of short videos for which they must write the music, following specific instructions. We also cover other related topics such as the film composition process and legal aspects.

Notation Software

I was a Sibelius user for more than 20 years (since its first version for Windows) and in the last few years I switched to Dorico. I'm also very good at using MuseScore and can handle Lilypond at an intermediate level. If you need help learning how to use any of these programs, I can walk you through in a few lessons. I can also help you if you have problems with one of them or if you have difficulty entering a specific type of notation. 


I cannot teach composition or orchestration to beginning students without at least some basic musical knowledge. Trying it would be a waste of their time (as well as mine) and their money. Therefore, before booking a lesson, please check that you meet the following minimum criteria related to musical practice: