I have written two concertos, one for piano and one for trumpet. These pieces also appear in the Orchestra category.

Flute Concerto "Heart and Mind"(2024)

Dedicated to the memory of my dear friend Melanie Wu. The first movement, "Look Inside," takes its title from one of her songs and reflects the journey of overcoming fear, pride, and guilt to find love and freedom. The second movement, "Breathe In Deep," aligns with the Chinese belief that good things come in pairs and relates to lyrics from Melanie's songs that talk about breathing and expanding love. The third movement, "Let Go," emphasizes trust and letting go to achieve true freedom.

Duration: c.a. 25' 21''

Atipanakuy (2024)

Fantasia for violin and orchestra

Commissioned by the esteemed Peruvian violinist María Elena Pacheco, the piece unfolds in distinct sections, mirroring the progression of the Scissors Dance of Peru. It commences with a solemn introduction, evoking the ceremonial offerings made to the spirits before the dance. Subsequently, the orchestra and violin engage in three "duels," each escalating in complexity and intensity, akin to the exchanges between the traditional dance's principal performers, the "danzaq" and "tusuq."

Duration: c.a. 10' 45''

Trumpet Concerto (2023)

Concerto for 4-valve trumpet in C and small orchestra

My trumpet concerto is the result of a commission from my dear friend Franco Carranza, first trumpet of the National Symphony Orchestra of Peru. The concert is dedicated to General José de San Martín, Liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru, within the framework of the celebrations for the bicentennial of the independence of Peru. It was premiered on August 19 at the Great Temple of Argentine Freemasonry, in Buenos Aires, where Franco was accompanied by the José de San Martín National Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Agustín Montali.

Duration: c.a. 17' 14''

Piano Concerto "Remembrance" (2021)

4-movement concerto for piano and orchestra

The genesis of this work emerged in the wake of Kael Zollner's untimely departure. As I embarked on my master's program at the University of Birmingham with a plan to compose a symphonic work, I felt an undeniable urge to pay tribute to Kael in a way that transcended traditional conventions. Kael's fondness for the piano echoed in my mind, guiding me towards the choice of a piano concerto, and his affection for Pablo Neruda's "20 Poems and a Song of Despair" played a pivotal role in shaping the piece, as each movement draws inspiration from a specific poem within the collection.

Duration: c.a. 28' 50''