Here I have included the pieces that do not fit into any other category and for which I see no point in creating one, since there is only one of each type.

Ensueño (2015)

Short musical for 3 singers (2 sop, 1 ten) and ensemble (vln/guit/perc/keyb)

Ensueño is a short that I wrote in 2015 in collaboration with the Peruvian librettist Mario Mendoza. Ensueño tells the story of Gerónimo, an aviator from the 60s, who lives in his own world, always resting in a peaceful tree from which hang various objects that come from everywhere. He waits with his friend Clod for the other half of him to come into his life. One day, he drops a shoe and soon the owner of it, Alma, arrives.

Duration: c.a. 22' 44''

Peruvian Fanfare (2014)

Single-movement work for concert band

This work draws its inspiration from two traditional coastal dances of Peru: the Marinera and the Festejo. The first is an elegant and stylized representation of courtship, notable for the fact that the dancers never touch each other. In contrast, the Festejo involves several couples dancing in a vibrant and erotic manner.

Duration: c.a. 4' 30''

Hypnagogia (2004)

Single-movement work for electronics

The idea "Hypnagogia" came from the music I wrote for an adaptation of Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray." In some scenes, Dorian acts as if he hears the painting's voice telling him to do things. Therefore, I created a track with whispers that was used in the play and reused that same track for this piece, combined with electronic sound. Initially, I titled the piece Schizophrenia, but then I realized that perhaps it could be hurtful to people who suffer from this disorder, so I changed it to "Hypnagogia", the transition between wakefulness and sleep, during which it's common to experience some forms of hallucinations.

Duration: c.a. 4' 11''