This category includes all my film music, which includes both feature films and short films, three of which are experiments from my father's youth. There is also the music of a scene from the film "El Vientre", which I titled in German, since it is supposed to be a piece from the 17th century, in the typical style of the time, heavily dominated by composers of German descent.

La Hora Azul (2013)

Film soundtrack for synthesizers

Adrián Ormache, a successful lawyer from Lima, didn't have what can be called a close relationship with his father. But after the death of his mother, Adrián learns from his brother that, as an army commander, his father was responsible for the torture and even execution of many alleged members of the Shining Path. In his search for the truth, Adrián will meet Miriam, who turns out to be much more than one of his father's victims.

Duration: c.a. 30' 57''

(The audio linked above is a cropped edit of the recording)

Holy Popcorn (2013)

Single-movement work for orchestra and children's choir

Holy Popcorn is a short film by Spanish director Ramón de Los Santos. It is a surreal film that uses fantasy and satire to offer a sharp critique of the human condition and society. Ramón commissioned the music from me in 2012 and liked it so much that he organized a screening of the film in Covilhã, Portugal, with the music played live by the orchestra of the Covilhã Professional School of Arts, EPABI and the choir of the Covilhã Regional Conservatory of Music, under the direction of Rogério Peixinho.

Duration: c.a. 25' 

Variationen über ein Wiegenlied (2013)

Theme and variations for piano and synth strings

In 2012, I was asked to write the music for a scene in the Peruvian film "El Vientre". For it, I wrote a theme and variations in the classical style, since one of the main characters plays the piano. I even managed to be at the recording and took a copy of the score that I printed on old paper, so what is shown in the scene is the actual score. The director was very happy with my work, but eventually another composer was hired to do the job. However, everyone agreed that what I had done was so convincing that it had to go in that scene anyway.

Duration: c.a. 3' 35''

La Amante del Libertador (2012)

Film soundtrack for cello and piano

The Liberator's Lover is a Peruvian-American film written and directed by Rocío Lladó. The protagonist of the story is Lucía, a woman who seeks to prevent the destruction of a colonial mansion. To do so, she begins an investigation and discovers the personal diary of a Creole who lived in that mansion two hundred years before, Teresa Vásquez de Velasco who, along with other civilians, fought for Independence. From Peru. The strange thing is that she, among those people, believes she recognizes herself in a past life.

Duration: c.a. 37' 17''

Tres Cortos (2011)

Film soundtrack for synthesizers

In 1968 my father filmed three silent home short films with a Canon camera, on Super 8 mm film. He came up with some clever plots and shot the films in a few days. The cast were his friends and the locations, some ruins on the outskirts of Lima, the house of one of them, and the university where they studied. He never imagined that, several years later, his son would dedicate himself precisely to composing music for films. One day, more than 40 years later, I created the soundtracks for these movies and gave them to him as a Christmas gift.

Duration: c.a. 6'

The Dolphin. Story of a Dreamer (2009)

Film soundtrack for synthesizers

Daniel, a dolphin, decides to explore the true meaning of his life by venturing into the unknown. However, in his journey, he comes across a number of obstacles which he must clear.

Duration: c.a. 80'

Tarata (2009)

Film soundtrack for synthesizers

The film tells the story of a totally dysfunctional upper-middle class family composed of Daniel, his wife Claudia and their children Elías and Sofía. Daniel, a hard-working man of noble character, works as an accountant at a national university and is admired by how Peruvian society is divided into two ideological groups due to terrorism. Their life develops normally until they are surprised with the terrorist attack on Tarata Street.

Duration: c.a. 32'

Vidas Paralelas (2009)

Film soundtrack for synthesizers

Parallel Lives is a film that explores the themes of life and destiny. The story follows two twin brothers separated at birth, each of whom lives a different life. One grows up with wealth and privilege, while the other faces poverty and marginalization. When they reunite years later, both must face the truth of their pasts and their lives.

Duration: c.a. 40'

La Gran Sangre: La Película (2007)

Film soundtrack for synthesizers

The great blood has faced cruel enemies, but none as ruthless or bloodthirsty as the Mexican. Protected by two cold assassins and a heartless executioner, the Mexican, an international drug trafficker who acts behind the facade of a prosperous and benevolent exporter, has decided to install his global center of criminal operations in the Peruvian jungle. His plans, however, will be discovered by the great blood. The result will be an all-out war, full of spectacular fights and dizzying chases on land and in the air, until the unpredictable and shocking end.

Duration: c.a. 50'

Dragones: Destino de Fuego (2006)

Film soundtrack for synthesizers

Dragons: Destiny of Fire is a 2006 Peruvian animated film directed by Eduardo Schuldt. It tells the story of John John, a small purple dragon who was adopted by a family of condors that lived on an island in Lake Titicaca. Although his parents raised him as another son, little John John knew that was not a condor. In his adolescence, he will discover a truth that would change him forever, but that would confuse him even more. Tormented by who he is, John John embarks on a journey where he finds his true identity and where he finds his destiny.

Duration: c.a. 50'

La Prueba (2006)

Film soundtrack for piano quintet

This composition, scored for strings and piano, serves as the primary musical backdrop for the Peruvian film "La Prueba." The film follows a young girl on a quest to find her father, whose blood is the only hope to save her brother's life. Her journey takes her through a drought-stricken region, leading to an unexpected test with uncertain results. The score is sold by Cayambis Music Press under the title "Drought of the Soul."

Duration: c.a. 12''